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Whether your car is an automatic or a manual, regular maintenance of your transmission helps to keep your car driving smoothly. Automatic transmissions need regular service to ensure economical
Your car’s windscreen and windows need to be maintained just like any other part of the car. At Cassar Automotive & Tyres Hoppers Crossing workshop we assess and replace damaged windscreens.
We service and repair brakes at Cassar Automotive & Tyres. A brake system check includes: Checking the overall braking system Check disc brakes and drum shoes
Here at Cassar Automotive & Tyres in Hoppers Crossing we offer an array of services and products for maintaining your car for safe and reliable driving.We are the tyres specialist – our preferred brand is Kenda Tyres as they come with an outstanding 60,000 km warranty. Types of tyres include: Passenger tyres – cost effective tyres available in different types designed to improve fuel economy and road handling. Choose from tyres made for smoother driving, less road noise and all season treads Performance tyres – specialty tyres for an enhanced look, excellent cornering, durability and traction SUV/4×4 tyres – engineered for stability with wider grooves and all season treads. There are tyres to suit every car from the off road enthusiast to all terrain city drivers Maintaining the correct air pressure in your tyres helps the economy of your car’s driving. Tyres wear longer, fuel consumption is reduced and overall car handling improves. It is therefore important to check air pressure once per month when you fill up at the petrol station. You can find the recommended air pressure rating in your car’s manual, or sometimes a tyre placard on your car door edge. If you are not sure then check with Cassar Automotive at yo [...]
The car battery powers your vehicle’s electrical components, and as you may have experienced, without battery power your car won’t start. Cassar Automotive & Tyres recommend that you have your car battery replaced every 3-4 years. If most of your driving is short trips, then your car battery probably does not fully charge with each use, which can lead to a shorter battery life. We can test your current battery and alternator with a battery tester on site. We also offer car battery delivery. To provide you with the best car battery, we keep stocks available of Century and Besco batteries, and can order car battery replacements daily from our supplier.The average cost of a battery is between $125 and $160, and this price includes fitting.A car battery takes 15 minutes to fit.Yes if you are in the Hoppers Crossing area then we can come to you. Phone 03 8360 7447 for availability.We dispose of your old battery through our environmentally safe Green recycling program.So if you are thinking that it may be time for your car battery replacement, and you don’t want to be stranded with a dead car battery, then call Cassar Automotive & Tyres and book your car in today at our Hoppers Crossing service centre on 03 8360 7447.
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