Whether your car is automatic or manual, regular maintenance of your transmission helps to keep your car driving smoothly. Automatic transmissions need regular service to ensure economical and maximum performance over the life of the car.

Diagnostic scanning equipment enables the auto mechanics at Cassar Automotive & Tyres in Hoppers Crossing to scan your car’s system to identify any transmission faults. If you notice that your car’s gear changes are less smooth than normal, then this is an indication that your transmission may need to be serviced.

Auto Transmission Service (recommended every 80,000 kms)

Signs that the auto transmission may need service:

  • Gear slipping
  • Weird noises when car shifting gears
  • Leaking transmission fluid
  • Gear change has stopped being smooth

Service includes:

  • Drain and replace the transmission fluid (replace filters if required)
  • Check switch operation
  • Road test
  • Inspect transmission and other adjustments

Manual Transmission Service (recommended every 40,000 kms)

Signs that the manual transmission may need service:

  • Grinding or clunking noise when shifting gears
  • Leaking transmission fluid
  • Change in feel of clutch pedal

Service includes:

  • Replacing clutch fluid and gear box oil
  • Minor adjustments such as adjusting shift cable and clutch pedal

Auto Transmission Reconditioning and Repairs

Sometimes an auto transmission may need more than just a service. After diagnosing the faults, we will advise whether your automatic transmission needs repairs or to be rebuilt. We use genuine parts when rebuilding your car’s auto transmission and guarantee any repairs for 1 year or 40,000 kms.

We can also do upgrades to auto transmissions, such as shift kits and hi-stalls, and modifications for increasing your towing capacity.

Auto to Manual Conversions

If your automatic transmission has worn out over time, or you are considering converting to a manual transmission for other reasons, Cassar Automotive & Tyres offer conversions for Ford and Holden vehicles.

For all your automotive repairs and services, visit Cassar Automotive & Tyres in Hoppers Crossing, or call us on 03 8360 7447.

Your car’s windscreen and windows need to be maintained just like any other part of the car. At Cassar Automotive & Tyres Hoppers Crossing workshop we assess and replace damaged windscreens.

  • Replace all car windscreens
  • Replace car windows including side or rear windows
  • Re-seal leaking windscreen

All glass replacement windscreens from Cassar Automotive & Tyres are certified to meet Australian Standards and made of high quality glass. Whatever your car windscreen or car window glass replacement needs we can replace.

Reasons why a car windscreen may need to be replaced

Replacement windscreens generally take a day to order in, and then we need your vehicle for 2 hours to install.

Tips for maintaining the quality and life of your windscreen

  • Clean the windscreen and windows regularly to help reduce scratching (a little white vinegar on a clean cloth is good for cleaning)
  • Regularly replace windscreen wipers and back window wipers, as old damaged wipers can scratch the glass
  • Regularly inspect the glass for any small chips or cracks, and if found then bring in for assessment, before damage worsens
  • If you feel your windscreen is leaking or letting in air from the edges, then the mould may be deteriorating, bring in for inspection

Cassar Automotive & Tyres is your comprehensive one stop auto service centre. Phone on 03 8360 7447 for any enquiries or to book your car in with our experienced and friendly mechanics.

We service and repair brakes at Cassar Automotive & Tyres. A brake system check includes:

  • Checking the overall braking system
  • Check disc brakes and drum shoes
  • Replace brake pads and shoes as required
  • Check brake fluid and brake components
  • Road test

How long do brakes last?

Under normal conditions brake pads wear down over a period of between 60,000 kms and 90,000 kms of driving. If your car brake pads are wearing down quicker, then this may be due to operating at higher temperatures, such as frequent driving on roads with steep inclines, towing loads or other causes of heavy braking. Heavy duty brake pads may be an option in these conditions.

When should I have my brakes checked?

If you are unsure about your brakes, or notice any changes in the brakes such as noise (including squeaky brakes), a change in the feel of the brake pedal, difficulty controlling the car when applying brakes, burning smell or increased stopping time, then call us to book in a brake check.

Brake Repairs and Brake Service

At every service we inspect your brakes at our Hoppers Crossing service centre. We recommend that only a qualified mechanic should carry out any brake repairs, brake service and replacement. We offer competitive pricing, outstanding service and a guarantee of 12 MONTHS PARTS AND LABOUR on all repairs and service of brakes by Cassar Automotive & Tyres.

We use only quality parts including Bendix, TRW and Lucas to ensure safety and performance.

For more information about your car brakes or for a brake check, phone 03 8360 7447. We service all types of brakes including trailer brakes and electric trailer brakes.

Here at Cassar Automotive & Tyres in Hoppers Crossing we offer an array of services and products for maintaining your car for safe and reliable driving.

Automotive Tyres Specialists

We are the tyres specialist – our preferred brand is Kenda Tyres as they come with an outstanding 60,000 km warranty. Types of tyres include:

  • Passenger tyres – cost effective tyres available in different types designed to improve fuel economy and road handling. Choose from tyres made for smoother driving, less road noise and all season treads
  • Performance tyres – specialty tyres for an enhanced look, excellent cornering, durability and traction
  • SUV/4×4 tyres – engineered for stability with wider grooves and all season treads. There are tyres to suit every car from the off road enthusiast to all terrain city drivers

Tyre Air Pressure

Maintaining the correct air pressure in your tyres helps the economy of your car’s driving. Tyres wear longer, fuel consumption is reduced and overall car handling improves. It is therefore important to check air pressure once per month when you fill up at the petrol station. You can find the recommended air pressure rating in your car’s manual, or sometimes a tyre placard on your car door edge. If you are not sure then check with Cassar Automotive at your next visit.

Tyre Rotation and Balance

Tyre rotation and balance is essential for proper maintenance of your tyres to ensure even tyre wear. Recommended checks of your tyres for rotation is every 10,000 kms or every 6 months, and can extend the life of your tyres.

Wheel Alignment

Essential for the life of tyres as well as safe and predictable handling. Car wheel alignments are adjustments of your car’s suspension and can help prevent suspension problems. A professional wheel alignment requires analysis and adjustment of 4 key areas, namely the angle of steering axis, inward or outward tilt, toe in or toe out, and the ride height. Irregular tyre wear can indicate misalignment in these areas. We recommend checks for wheel alignments should be done every 10,000 kms or every 6 months.

Tyre Puncture Repairs

A tyre repair should be performed as soon as possible by a repairer and in accordance with Australian Standards. The tyre must be removed from the rim and the overall condition inspected completely before repairing. Punctures must be sealed internally and the hole must be filled. The legal repair limit per tyre is 2 punctures before a tyre must be replaced.

Call into Cassar Automotive & Tyres for a tyre inspection today. If you have any questions we are here to help your car journey to be safe and enjoyable. Phone on 03 8360 7447 and book in with our friendly service team.

The car battery powers your vehicle’s electrical components, and as you may have experienced, without battery power your car won’t start. Cassar Automotive & Tyres recommend that you have your car battery replaced every 3-4 years.

If most of your driving is short trips, then your car battery probably does not fully charge with each use, which can lead to a shorter battery life. We can test your current battery and alternator with a battery tester on site. We also offer car battery delivery.

To provide you with the best car battery, we keep stocks available of Century and Besco batteries, and can order car battery replacements daily from our supplier.

The average cost of a battery is between $125 and $160, and this price includes fitting.

A car battery takes 15 minutes to fit.

Yes if you are in the Hoppers Crossing area then we can come to you. Phone 03 8360 7447 for availability.

We dispose of your old battery through our environmentally safe Green recycling program.

So if you are thinking that it may be time for your car battery replacement, and you don’t want to be stranded with a dead car battery, then call Cassar Automotive & Tyres and book your car in today at our Hoppers Crossing service centre on 03 8360 7447.