Car windscreen and car window services

Car windscreen and car window services

Your car’s windscreen and windows need to be maintained just like any other part of the car. At Cassar Automotive & Tyres Hoppers Crossing workshop we assess and replace damaged windscreens.

  • Replace all car windscreens
  • Replace car windows including side or rear windows
  • Re-seal leaking windscreen

All glass replacement windscreens from Cassar Automotive & Tyres are certified to meet Australian Standards and made of high quality glass. Whatever your car windscreen or car window glass replacement needs we can replace.

Reasons why a car windscreen may need to be replaced

Replacement windscreens generally take a day to order in, and then we need your vehicle for 2 hours to install.

Tips for maintaining the quality and life of your windscreen

  • Clean the windscreen and windows regularly to help reduce scratching (a little white vinegar on a clean cloth is good for cleaning)
  • Regularly replace windscreen wipers and back window wipers, as old damaged wipers can scratch the glass
  • Regularly inspect the glass for any small chips or cracks, and if found then bring in for assessment, before damage worsens
  • If you feel your windscreen is leaking or letting in air from the edges, then the mould may be deteriorating, bring in for inspection

Cassar Automotive & Tyres is your comprehensive one stop auto service centre. Phone on 03 8360 7447 for any enquiries or to book your car in with our experienced and friendly mechanics.

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