Automotive Transmission Services

Whether your car is automatic or manual, regular maintenance of your transmission helps to keep your car driving smoothly. Automatic transmissions need regular service to ensure economical and maximum performance over the life of the car. Diagnostic scanning equipment enables the auto mechanics at Cassar Automotive & Tyres in Hoppers Crossing to scan your car’s [...]

Car windscreen and car window services

Your car’s windscreen and windows need to be maintained just like any other part of the car. At Cassar Automotive & Tyres Hoppers Crossing workshop we assess and replace damaged windscreens.

Brakes Service and Brake Replacement

We service and repair brakes at Cassar Automotive & Tyres. A brake system check includes:

Checking the overall braking system
Check disc brakes and drum shoes

Automotive Tyres Specialists

Here at Cassar Automotive & Tyres in Hoppers Crossing we offer an array of services and products for maintaining your car for safe and reliable driving. We are the tyres specialist – our preferred brand is Kenda Tyres as they come with an outstanding 60,000 km warranty. Types of tyres include: Passenger tyres – cost […]

Car Batteries

The car battery powers your vehicle’s electrical components, and as you may have experienced, without battery power your car won’t start. Cassar Automotive & Tyres recommend that you have your car battery replaced every 3-4 years. If most of your driving is short trips, then your car battery probably does not fully charge with each [...]