We service and repair brakes at Cassar Automotive & Tyres. A brake system check includes:

  • Checking the overall braking system
  • Check disc brakes and drum shoes
  • Replace brake pads and shoes as required
  • Check brake fluid and brake components
  • Road test

How long do brakes last?

Under normal conditions brake pads wear down over a period of between 60,000 kms and 90,000 kms of driving. If your car brake pads are wearing down quicker, then this may be due to operating at higher temperatures, such as frequent driving on roads with steep inclines, towing loads or other causes of heavy braking. Heavy duty brake pads may be an option in these conditions.

When should I have my brakes checked?

If you are unsure about your brakes, or notice any changes in the brakes such as noise (including squeaky brakes), a change in the feel of the brake pedal, difficulty controlling the car when applying brakes, burning smell or increased stopping time, then call us to book in a brake check.

Brake Repairs and Brake Service

At every service we inspect your brakes at our Hoppers Crossing service centre. We recommend that only a qualified mechanic should carry out any brake repairs, brake service and replacement. We offer competitive pricing, outstanding service and a guarantee of 12 MONTHS PARTS AND LABOUR on all repairs and service of brakes by Cassar Automotive & Tyres.

We use only quality parts including Bendix, TRW and Lucas to ensure safety and performance.

For more information about your car brakes or for a brake check, phone 03 8360 7447. We service all types of brakes including trailer brakes and electric trailer brakes.