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Radiator Repairs in Hoppers Crossing

An efficiently operating Car Radiator is essential for a safe and reliable car. Car radiators manage the cooling of your car engine. As engine coolant circulates through the engine block, it absorbs heat from the engine, then flows back to the radiator, where the heat is then released into the atmosphere. The coolant is pumped through the system, and a fan is used to force air through the radiator for cooling the car’s engine.

Problems that can occur with your radiator include radiator blockage, car overheating, leaking radiator, pressure drop or other radiator repairs needed.
car radiator repairs
Cassar Automotive & Tyres provide engine cooling assessments and radiator checks. This includes checking the overall condition of the car’s cooling system. We offer a full range of radiator services including:

  • Replace Coolant
  • Check Drive Belt and Hoses
  • Pressure Test Cooling System
  • Repair Radiator
  • Radiator Replacement

We offer expert care for car radiators, with a 12 month guarantee / 20,000km warranty on new radiators. Only quality parts and brands are supplied to ensure the maximum life of your car engine. Whenever a car radiator is repaired we bleed the cooling system and replace with new coolant, pressure test the system, check for leaks, and then test drive your car to check for optimum temperature operation.

Call our Hoppers Crossing workshop on 03 8360 7447 for any questions regarding your car radiator, engine cooling or any automotive repairs and services.